3.5" External Enclosure USB Power Controller

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The Story

I was lucky enough to get a wii shortly after their release. Through Wiibrew.com and other sites I was able to find a way to save and play my games from an external hard drive. This allows me to start the wii up and play my games without even having to leave the couch. I had a 3.5" hard drive and enclosure sitting around so I decided to use it to hold my wii games. Only problem was the hard drive had to stay on all the time for this setup to work. The solution was to add a small circuit to the inside of the enclosure that sensed when the USB port was getting power and only turn the drive on when that was the case. I know that you can buy enclosures that have this feature built in, but this was a simple, cheap modification for a poor college student.


Do NOT make backups or copies of games that you do not own! Even making backups of games you own is a somewhat controversial subject. Do this at your own risk.


USB Power Controller Schematic

The USB line has enough power to trigger a relay. I put this circuit in the middle of the original power line. The bypass switch makes it so that the power line is connected whether the relay is triggered or not.

Circuit Inside Enclosure Bypass Switch

Enjoy and feel free to report any problems or suggestions to longet@spider.dnsdojo.net.