Hardware Store Tilt/Swivel Garage Monitor Mount

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The Story

I like to hook my PC up in the garage sometimes and watch TV or movies while I work on stuff, but got tired of the monitor and speakers getting in the way on my bench. I looked at getting a mount and found one for about $16 after shipping from Monoprice.com. I figured it would be a fun project and I could build one for about half that price that had a nice, rugged garage look with stuff from the hardware store. I started looking at how I could put together a mount that would tilt or swivel, then I came across pipe hanger clamps that I could screw together that would let me make a mount that would tilt and swivel.

Parts & Design

I started out by thinking about how I could rig up a mount that would tilt or swivel. I thought that by attaching a split ring pipe hanger to a board and then attache a pipe that runs through the hanger to another board using some tube straps. Then when I looked at the split ring hangers I noticed that the mounting point appeared to be a tapped hole for a machined screw. I figured if I could attach two pipe hangers together using a threaded rod in these tapped holes, at 90 degrees to each other I could make a mount that would tilt and swivel. I used a half inch by 4 inch galvanized pipe nipple through each pipe hanger. I then attached one pipe to a board that would be used to attach the mount to the back of the monitor. The other pipe was attached to a wall mount structure consisting of another board and two pieces of 2x4. The 2x4s were attached sticking out of this board. One at the top and one at the bottom. The bottom piece is cut to a sort of triangular shape with a flat top and a circular hole cut half way through it for the vertical pipe to rest in. I placed a steel washer in the bottom of the hole to keep the pipe from wearing into the wood when the monitor is rotated. The top piece is cut square and the vertical pipe is attached to this piece using a tube strap. I had the wood, washer, and screws to attache everything already, but the rest of these pieces cost me a whopping $6.24 after tax at Home Depot. Here's a list of these parts.

Finished Product

Tilt Swivel Mount attached to Monitor

I placed a washer between the two pipe hangers to get closer to a 90 degree angle between them.

Wall Mount Attached to Wall
Lower Brace with Hole to Hold Vertical Pipe

This picture does not show the washer that I placed in the hole to prevent the pipe from cutting into the lower brace.

Monitor Mounted