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The Story

I saw these cool interactive LED panels over at They sense when something is in front of them and flash pretty LEDs whenever they do. Several people have used these to make some pretty sweet looking coffee tables. I'd really like to make one of these coffee tables and I've set out to design my own circuit to replicate these. I'm "re-inventing the wheel" here for two reason. First the Evil Mad Scientist Kits always seem to be on back-order. Second, I think I can get a similar effect for less money (with a little more work). I'm still in the very early phases of this project, but will update this page as I move along.

Getting Started

I will break this project down into two main parts, the IR sensors and the Arduino ATMega 1280 Controller.

IR Transmitter/Receiver

I ordered several transmitter and receiver samples from One of their fine representatives delivered the samples to me and discussed my intentions for the samples and other products that I might be interested in. I received the following IRLED parts as samples: OP269A, OP290A, OP295A, OP297A, OP299, and OP999. When I get a chance I plan on setting up a test bench to determine which IR component pairs work best together.

Arduino ATMega 1280

More to Come!

Enjoy and feel free to report any problems or suggestions to